A snatch of overheard conversation, a face in the passing car, fragments of the lives of others, scenes from a life. Real or imagined, KEIR’s music is about telling stories. “The stories of my songs change all the time, even after I’ve written them. They mean one thing today and another tomorrow. It’s surprising, but that’s the real magic.

In his 22 years, KEIR can’t recall a time when music wasn’t at the centre of his life. Schooled by the albums, books and films he found in charity shops, KEIR’s music comes from the life he sees. Chart pop, Jazz, torch songs, retro, futro, alt rock and electronica all mingle in the slipstream of years spent collecting records and hanging about in bands.

After stints in alt rock and experimental acts in his home town of Bristol, KEIR made the decision to make music under his own name in late 2015. This EP represents the first fruits of that decision to go it alone. “These songs are personal to me, but I hope they’re personal to everyone else, too. When I play them live, I’m hoping to make a moment. When you get a great performance on a recording – something like James Brown, Shirley Bassey on Goldfinger or Patti Smith – then it becomes something undeniable.” The last year has been all about writing and recording – and it’s taken over KEIR’s world. “Every day is an opportunity to write, there’s something to gain in everything I see. My songs are a collage of observations.

KEIR’s brother Kyle has been recruited on drums and Bristolian musician friends Ben, Joe and Rhydian bring the musical muscle to the live show. And it is this space KEIR feels most comfortable in. A triumphant first show at the Nest Club in Bath quickly led to radio plays from BBC Introducing, 6 Music and Radio 1, with festival dates and one-offs including Secret Garden Party, Dot To Dot and Boardmasters.

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