Photo by Mike Caporal
Photo by Mike Caporal

What the world’s been waiting for.

The music and magic of M O S E S is destined to be some kind of crucial soundtrack to 2016’s prescient indie generation. We know this not because a biblical man of faith lived and died some three and a half thousand years ago (leaving a musical body of work yet to be truly appreciated) but because a young and really extraordinary four-piece has only recently emerged from the flotsam and jetsam of this century’s most intriguing year to date. Songs like Low and Cause You Got Me and Waiter are a call to arms for the disaffected and the kind of anthems people are going to be singing along with for many years to come but let’s just get the elephant out of the room first: M O S E S don’t just exude “the fizzing energy of very early Blur, except, maybe even better” (Tom Doyle, Mojo) nor do they merely remind you of Kasabian’s earliest incarnations; instead their effortlessly cathartic songs have the instant familiarity of the already-deified, their soon to be lauded existence surely an insouciant shrug in the development of modern day, hard-edged popular music.

Fronted by the angelic, charismatic lead singer Victor and the seriously long haired, South Korean guitarist Juno, M O S E S have a real presence that is only perhaps hinted at in their recorded output to date. Live – where they are a revelation – and on record, their line up is completed by bassist Zakk (genuine East Londoner) and County Tyrone-born drummer Matt. Matt studies at BIMM in Fulham and indeed the celebrated music college has been central to the band’s recruitment policy thus far: Juno is also a (music production) student at BIMM and advertised for a drummer on the BIMM Facebook page. For the record, the Nirvana/Beatles influenced Juno had already tracked down the Clash obsessive Victor in Bucharest via Join My Band where the latter had posted an ad looking for a rock ‘n’ roll band. The pair exchanged demos, liked what they heard and M O S E S was born.

And so to the songs: Low is about “choosing to succeed, when you are down you have to go forward”Cause You Got Me is about friendship and particularly the close friendship that helped Victor to relocate from Bucharest to London. Best of all is Waiter, possibly the best song you will hear all year. Victor explains its sentiments thus: “I never really had a job other than as a copywriter so when I came to London I got a job as a waiter in Chelsea. One night there was this girl and she looked at me and I thought you will never look at me like I want to be looked at – and the lyrics just came.” The song is bound to strike a chord with anyone who has ever had to take a job just to get by: “Will you ever make me yours/Will I ever call you home/Can you meet me later/Cos now I’m just a bloody waiter/I’ll just wait and wait and wait.” It’s enough to make you weak.

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